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LWR Farmers Market

LWR has worked with coffee farmers and their cooperatives for years. Through this work, LWR has helped coffee farmers get quality coffee seeds, fertilizer and other materials to grow good quality coffee. LWR also helps cooperatives to provide more support and training to their farmers and access buyers willing to pay better prices. Through this work, many farmers around the world have been able to build stronger livelihoods with their coffee. Even still, market challenges remain.

LWR Farmers Market Coffee creates even more economic opportunities for farmers living in poverty around the world. Coffee farmers and their families not only benefit from the expertise and support of LWR, but also receive fair, stable, and predicatble up-front prices, along with a share of the profits from the sale of their coffee. For every pound of coffee purchased, THRIVE Farmers also donates 80 cents back to LWR to continue reaching out to farmers all over the world.

LWR is producing LWR Farmers Market Coffee in partnership with THRIVE Farmers. THRIVE partners with farmers to bring high-quality coffee beans from their farms and roast those beans into delicious coffee. Farmers are given a stable, predictable, and higher price upfront for their beans. What happens afterwards is what truly makes this model exciting. Farming communities receive additional profits after the coffee is sold. With LWR Farmers Market Coffee, farmers aren’t just suppliers of coffee beans, they are partners in the coffee business.

THRIVE Farmers shares LWR’s passion for giving coffee farmers new opportunities and a helping hand to their families and communities. LWR connects THRIVE Farmers to coffee farmers LWR supports around the world. THRIVE then partners directly with those farmers and roasts those beans into delicious coffee, and sells it to you. LWR and THRIVE work together to set goals every year so we can bring this beneficial partnership to more farmers.

LWR Farmers Market Coffee brings you even closer to the people you help with your coffee purchases, and your support of LWR. Here are a few ways you and your congregation can get involved in LWR Farmers Market:

  1. Serve LWR Farmers Market Coffee in your congregation.
  2. Sell LWR Farmers Market Coffee in your congregation.
  3. Share in the opportunity to help coffee farmers by placing group orders with others!

LWR Farmers Market Coffee allows you to help LWR and LWR farmers. Don’t keep a good thing to yourself!

With our downloadable resources, it’s easy for your congregation or group to become a part of LWR Farmers Market.

Thrive Farmers

Our care for farmers is matched by our care for the quality of their coffee. Through our long-term relationships with farmers and regular visits to their farms, we maintain an intimate knowledge of the coffee harvest and the quality of the beans.

We have a rigorous system for quality control from bean to cup, which involves testing quality multiple times before the coffee even leaves the country where it was produced, testing it again once it arrives in the U. S., and yet again after it is roasted before going to the consumer. THRIVE has two Coffee Quality Institute Q-graders on staff full-time to ensure the highest quality standards are met.

Our coffee is decaffeinated using a water-based process that keeps all those unnecessary chemicals out of your coffee. This process introduces all of the compounds that are found in coffee into a water solution, except for caffeine. The raw coffee then is placed in the water and through the process of osmosis, the caffeine leaves the coffee bean gradually and enters into the water solution. In the end, we have decaffeinated coffee that was not damaged or contaminated with chemicals during the decaffeination process.
The LWR Farmers Market coffee is exclusive to the www.lwrfarmersmarket.org website
12oz & 5lbs (retail and wholesale)
We are not a certification. We are an economically sustainable platform that offers coffee farmers access to new markets where they can to sell to customers like you. We have transformed the coffee supply chain through a model that shares more of the revenue generated by your purchase with the farmer. Our model minimizes the layers in the supply chain and maximizes the income to the farmer. Our farmer-direct coffee platform offers you a reasonable price for great quality coffee and sends a larger percentage of the proceeds back to the farmers. You are now closer to the farmer and the farmer is closer to you, the consumer. The result? You are helping farmers earn more to support their farm, family and community.
There is no use of GMOs in coffee. For more information, please see www.ncausa.org.
Placing an Order
As an organizational customer you will receive discounted prices when you order.
  • Wholesale customers will receive free shipping on orders of $150.00 or more.
  • Individual customers will receive free shipping on orders of $25.00 or more.
You are not required to create an account, but for ease of ordering, you can create an account when you order coffee.
You may order offline by calling 1 (877) 597-6758.
Not at this time.
Yes www.lwrfarmersmarket.org is a secured, protected website
Yes, please choose “subscription option” when placing an order.
Please contact customer care at lwrsupport@thrivefarmers.com
Or you can call: (877) 597-6758; (877-LWR-MRKT)
Support hours are: Monday – Friday 8:00AM- 5:00PM EST
Please contact customer care at lwrsupport@thrivefarmers.com
Or you can call: (877) 597-6758; (877-LWR-MRKT)
Support hours are: Monday – Friday 8:00AM- 5:00PM EST
We generally do not accept returns or exchanges, however, if you have found an error in your order, please contact us within ten (10) days and we will do what we can to make it right.
Please contact customer care at lwrsupport@thrivefarmers.com
(877) 597-6758; (877-LWR-MRKT)
Monday –Friday 8:00AM- 5:00PM EST
More About Coffee
Our coffees are grown and picked at a high altitude from our partner farms, processed through a mill, and exported for your enjoyment and satisfaction. Once here in the U.S., the coffee is roasted to the optimal profile and packaged in order to ensure that when it gets to you it is of the best quality and freshness.
"Coffee Cupping" is an industry-defined process of evaluating and grading coffee in a standardized way that eliminates the subjectivity of a person’s preference and helps identify the quality of a coffee.